Miss Linda Charters
Oceanographic Research Vessel
Serving the Entire Pacific Coast
From Charleston / Coos Bay
, Oregon
Miscellaneous Charters
                                   ABOUT OUR SERVICES

We serve the entire Pacific Coast as needed as an Oceanographic Research Vessel.  Our captains also
Deliver Motor Vessels and Yachts.

We mainly work as a Research Vessel, deploying and recovering Buoys, ROVs and a variety of other
research and test equipment
for Oregon State University (OSU), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA), Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), SCRIPPS Institute of
Oceanography (SCRIPPS), Marine Applied Research and Exploration (MARE), and OCEANA.  
We have
also served as a
Diving platform for the US Navy Underwater Construction Diving Team and Global Divers.(
(See Respective Charters Photos)

We have a 22'X34' work deck with 2,500 lb tie downs on a 4'X4' pattern across the entire deck.  We have a
10,000 lb crane, an articulating stern A-Frame with 600' of 3/8" cable, a deck winch for recovery of
moorings etc, a starboard side
Power/Crab Block with an Articulating Davit, a port side Davit with a
Capstan for CTD's etc, and a capstan with vertical or horizontal capability.  We also have a Bow Thruster for
Station Keeping
while working with ROVs and a large towing bit that will handle 200 gross ton vessels
and small barges
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Our US Coast Guard licensed Captains, Mates also carry Homeland Security TWIC cards.  All Crew
members are First Aid and CPR Certified and are part of a drug testing consortium.
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Rescue of Record Breaking French Ocean Rower coming from Japan
129 Days to cross the Pacific from Choshi, Japan to Coos Bay, Oregon, USA - November 1, 2005
See Photos Below
See Photos Below
We deploy and recover SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography Wave Rider Buoys
Underwater Research Glider recovery North of Coos Bay
1500 pounds of chain for buoy anchor
Wave hight /direction/timing monitoring buoy
Deployed and Recovered Oregon State University Bongo Net and Vertical Net for Fisheries Research
Deploy/Recover OCEANA ROV over the Stern and our DRY LAB TRAILER for Pilot and Scientists
Deployed and Recovered Oregon State University AWAK research equipment
Oregon State University - Oceanography and Fisheries
Long Range Glider recovery 90 mi. West of Newport
US Navy in Oregon and Washington States - SCUBA and Hard Hat Diving
Deploying/Recovering Video Lander System with Power Block and Landing Table
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Deploy/Recover MARINE APPLIED RESEARCH & EXPLOEATION (MARE) ROV & Clump Weights over the side
THEIR DRY LABB CONTAINERS secured on deck at the stern.
Deploy/Recover ROV over the Side and our DRY LAB TRAILER for Pilot and Scientists
Deploy/Recover GLOBAL DIVERS ROV over the Stern
GLOBAL DIVERS installing new fiberoptic cable off of Oregon Coast
Environmental Consulting, Inc.
500lb Box Core on
deck under A-Frame
Sifting sediment
samples on landing table
Prepping Box Core
for next deployment
Collecting,  preserving and
cataloging samples.