Miss Linda Charters
Oceanographic Research Vessel
Serving the Oregon, Washington & California Coast
From Charleston / Coos Bay
, Oregon
Research operations with NOAA included deploying and
recovering current measuring and recording research
equipment.  There were multiple locations inside and outside of
the San Francisco bay area.  These studies will help provide
vital data to aid NOAA in predicting tides and current speed
around the bay for safe navigation of the many freighters,
tankers, cruise ships and many other vessels that navigate
these waters for commercial or pleasure.
NOAA's San Francisco Bay Project
First Year
First Deck Load for Deployment
Preparation and Deployment of Research Equipment
NOAA Project Team
Second Deck Load for Deployment
Recovery, cleaning and Re-deployment
NOAA Project Team
Two Point Anchoring for Equipment Recovery using hard hat divers outside the Golden Gate
NOAA's San Francisco Bay Project
First Deployment - 2nd years expedition
NOAA Project Team
Loading Equipment for Deployment
Recovery & Redeployment Deployment
NOAA Project Team