Miss Linda Charters
Oceanographic Research Vessel
Serving the Entire Pacific Coast
From Charleston / Coos Bay
, Oregon
Oregon Department of
Fish and Wildlife
Wildlife included 6 days of rock fish survey work using a
Video Lander on a grid pattern over Stone Wall Bank and
Heceta Bank off of the Oregon Coast.  It involved launching
and recovering a video system which was mounted on a crab
pot frame.  For this process we used a power crab block with
an extended reach articulating davit & our line coiler which
allowed the Video Lander to come up and aboard safely
Research operations with the Oregon Department of Fish and
beyond the side of the boat during the recovery process.
This Expedition's ODFW Scientific Team
Crab Block & Extended Articulating Davit
Recovering the Video Lander System
Deploying the Video Lander System
Power Block, Landing Table and Line Coiler
ODFW ROV Scientific Team
Pilot inside our Trailer/Dry Lab
Launch/Recover ROV w/crane over the side to and from the ROV landing Table. Clump weight
was deployed over the side using deck winch and side davit. Our Dry Lab Trailer at the stern.