Miss Linda Charters
Oceanographic Research Vessel
Serving the Entire Pacific Coast
From Charleston / Coos Bay Oregon
Oregon State University Charters
Information / Reservations
Office 541-888-2128
Cell 541-290-3205
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Underwater Research Glider recovery North of Coos Bay, OR
Long Range Underwater Research Glider recovery 90 miles West of Newport, OR
Deployed and Recovered AWAK research equipment
Deploy and Recover Bongo Net, Vertical Net and CTD for research
Deploy and Recover Docking Station, Acoustic Buoy and Profilers
Deploy and Recover 500 lb Box Coring equipment and casting CTDs
Research operations for OSU have included deployment
and recovery of near shore and long range Underwater
Gliders, AWAK bottom set research equipment, a variety
of Plankton Nets and CTD's, Acoustic Buoys and
Profilers, Box Coring, Grab Sampling and Beam Trawls.
See photos below
Grab Sampling with Side Davit and Capstan
Beam Trawl Sampling
For Information or Reservations
Office 541-888-2128
Captain's Cell 541-290-3205
email us here
Profiler & Glider deployment & recovery