Major Outside Features
22' X 34' Back Deck with 4' X 4' 2500 lb Tie Down Network, Stern Ramp & Towing Bit.
2500 lb Tie Downs safe at deck level until needed.
Articulating A-Frame Recovering Mooring System
Crane 6' over Portside - Davit 4' over Portside
Miss Linda Charters
Oceaographic Research Vessel
Serving the Oregon, Washington & California Coast
From Charleston / Coos Bay
, Oregon
10,000 lb Crane for Self Loading or deck ops
Deck Extension over Stern Ramp
Safety Harness System Port & Starboard Sides.
Stern Anchor Winch (left) for 2pt anchoring & Deck Winch (center) for
Research Equipment, buoys or Mooring System  Deployment/Recovery.
>  18" Hydraulic Bow Thruster for Station Keeping
>  Trolling Valve-controls fwd speed at 1/2 half kt. plus
>  18" Power Block-raising deep med wt. research equip.
>  22'X34' Back Deck W/2500 lb SWL
Tie Downs
>  Stern Ramp and Large Towing Bit
>  16' X 8 1/2'  2,000 lb SWL Articulating A-Frame
>  Self Loading 10,000 lb Knuckle Crane with 23' reach
>  Removable deck extension over stern ramp
>  Medium size Deck Winch for bottom equip. recovery
>  Bow and Stern Anchor Systems for 2 Point Anchoring
>  Deck Winch for recovery of moorings & bottom gear
>  4' Side Davit with Capstan for CTDs or Grab Sampling
>  Outriggers and stabilizers for ships stability
>  5' X 8' Cargo trailer set up for and used as a Dry Lab.
See Photos Below
Side Davit and Capstan with up to a 4' reach for casting CTDs or Grab Sampling
16' X 8 1/2' Articulating A-Frame Box Coring
18" Bow Thruster - Installed November 2011 to accurately hold station during ROV work
Power Block/Crab Block, Articulating Davit and Line Coiler - Installed Summer of 2011
Wesmar Stainless Steel Twin Blade Vortex Thruster
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Captain's Cell 541-290-3205
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Our 5'X8' Cargo Trailer set up as a Dry Lab with 7'X2' work station, power, lighting and power ventilation